This week in English class, we had to write an essay about a little boy. I wrote about a little boy who was homeless and another little boy who came to see him everyday to give him food and drink .

On Tuesday, we had to write about the film ‘Paperman’.  We answered prediction questions to see what we thought the film was about from a picture on the screen. When we had finished we wrote our stories on the board so that everyone could see all the stories. They were all very different and everyone thought something different would happen in the film.

Yesterday, we made bookmarks for World Book Day. We will enter them into a compeitition to win prizes for ourselves and our school.

Today we looked at the whole film of ‘Paperman’ and another little film called ‘The White Dress’. There is no talking in either of the films which made it harder to figure out what the film was about. ‘Paperman’ was about two people who meet each other at a train station and fall in love. The film is about the two people trying to find each other again in the city. At the end of the film, they meet at the train station where they first met. Some people predicted this would happen but some people didn’t. The message from this film would be to never give up. If the man in the film gave up, he would never have found the girl again. ‘The White Dress’ was about a little girl who was very poor and didn’t have that much money. Her Dad was also mean to her. It was made in Dublin. Some people in the class thought the film was about something else. Some people thought it was about the girl’s communion and that she made her communion every year to get money to pay for food to eat. Some people thought it was about her Dad and that he was an alcoholic. Everybody in the class had a different story to tell from the film.

a still from the short film 'Paperman'.

a still from the short film ‘Paperman’.

A still from the short film 'The White Dress'.

A still from the short film ‘The White Dress’.


This week in our English class, we did stuff about newspaper articles.

On M0nday, we were looking at newspaper articles and see which one was tabloids and which was broadsheets. Then we had to do questions on these sheets. We looked at both tabloid and broadsheet articles and compared them to each other.

On Tuesday, we had to be recorded doing a news broadcast about what happened in the school during the week. Then we had to be recorded saying it on the iPad and then the videos were sent to our prinicipal. She judged them to see who had the best broadcast and the winning pair would get a prize.

On Thursday, we wrote newspaper articles on what happened during the week in school. There were a few stories about teachers getting revenge on their students.

On Friday, we had to do an essay on how we plan our easter holidays and we had to write a letter to Ms. Martin about a problem we were having in school. So that’s what we did in English this week.


This week in English class, we learned a lot about reviews. On Monday, we finished our Bridge to Terabithia worksheets and had to write a review about the film on a guide sheet given to us by our teacher.

On Tuesday, we got our test backs on reading comprehension and we had to write reviews on a book and film that we enjoyed. We found out how to write reviews and started them and finished them for homework.

On Thursday, we had ‘Drop Everything and Read’ which is basically just reading for a whole class.

On Friday, we had to pick one of the reviews we did for homework and write it out neater on a blank white sheet. We stuck that sheet onto some coloured card. We then stuck them on to the walls of the classroom.


This week in English, we watched a movie called The Bridge to Terabithia. It is a film based on a book written by Katherine Paterson. The film is really good. It’s about a boy and a girl who become best friends and have an imaginary kingdom in a forest. They call the kingdom Terabithia and they are the protectors of it.

Jess is given his sisters old runners just before school by his mother. She thought his old runners were really busted so she got rid of them. His sisters runners were pink and he coloured in the pink bits with a black marker to try and hide them. He was really embarrassed by them.

We learned how to describe pictures and used two different pictures from the DVD covers of Bridge to Terabithia. We all gave one word to describe the picture and then put another word either in front of or behind the word to make a phrase. Then we put our phrases together as a poem. In the end we had one big poem about bridge to Terabithia. It was very good because it was actually like the film.

A poem from the cover of Bridge to Terabithia

A poem from the cover of Bridge to Terabithia

Catching up on our blog at the end of class.

Catching up on our blog at the end of class.


In English this week, we watched the Bridge To Terabithia. In the film a girl called Leslie started school called Lark Creek Elementary. On her first day at school she took part in the boys running race at break time. She won the race. Jess (a boy at school) wasn’t happy that Leslie won the race. We had to complete worksheets about the characters of Jess and Leslie. I found out that Jess was a very private person that liked to keep things to himself. I found out that Leslie was a very out-going person.

On Tuesday we wrote a diary entry for either Jess or Leslie. I wrote Leslie’s diary. My diary entry was about Leslie starting school and meeting Jess. When i wrote this diary entry i imagined what it was like to be in Leslie’s shoes.

Yesterday we watched the film and found out that Leslie died. I was very suprised that Leslie died I did not predict that! When Jess found out he was very upset.

Today we watched the end of the film. We found out the Jess builds a bridge across the river to Terabithia. I think this is where the title of the film came from.


I enjoyed my English class this week.


In English class today we took a test about describing a picture. We had to line out the page and write sentences about each square.

On Monday we wrote our letters to our penpals from a different school in Louth. We have been writing to them for a few weeks now and so far it’s been pretty cool.

On Tuesday our teacher gave us out picture sheets to describe to practise for the test. She didn’t tell us about the test until today though.

On Thursday our teacher gave us out mini white boards and showed us pictures on the projector and we had to write one word on our white boards to describe the picture.

This week, I learned about describing pictures and the names you give to each of the nine squares. For example; Centre, right foreground and left background.