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In English this week, we watched the Bridge To Terabithia. In the film a girl called Leslie started school called Lark Creek Elementary. On her first day at school she took part in the boys running race at break time. She won the race. Jess (a boy at school) wasn’t happy that Leslie won the race. We had to complete worksheets about the characters of Jess and Leslie. I found out that Jess was a very private person that liked to keep things to himself. I found out that Leslie was a very out-going person.

On Tuesday we wrote a diary entry for either Jess or Leslie. I wrote Leslie’s diary. My diary entry was about Leslie starting school and meeting Jess. When i wrote this diary entry i imagined what it was like to be in Leslie’s shoes.

Yesterday we watched the film and found out that Leslie died. I was very suprised that Leslie died I did not predict that! When Jess found out he was very upset.

Today we watched the end of the film. We found out the Jess builds a bridge across the river to Terabithia. I think this is where the title of the film came from.


I enjoyed my English class this week.