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This week in our English class, we did stuff about newspaper articles.

On M0nday, we were looking at newspaper articles and see which one was tabloids and which was broadsheets. Then we had to do questions on these sheets. We looked at both tabloid and broadsheet articles and compared them to each other.

On Tuesday, we had to be recorded doing a news broadcast about what happened in the school during the week. Then we had to be recorded saying it on the iPad and then the videos were sent to our prinicipal. She judged them to see who had the best broadcast and the winning pair would get a prize.

On Thursday, we wrote newspaper articles on what happened during the week in school. There were a few stories about teachers getting revenge on their students.

On Friday, we had to do an essay on how we plan our easter holidays and we had to write a letter to Ms. Martin about a problem we were having in school. So that’s what we did in English this week.