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This week in English class, we had to write an essay about a little boy. I wrote about a little boy who was homeless and another little boy who came to see him everyday to give him food and drink .

On Tuesday, we had to write about the film ‘Paperman’.  We answered prediction questions to see what we thought the film was about from a picture on the screen. When we had finished we wrote our stories on the board so that everyone could see all the stories. They were all very different and everyone thought something different would happen in the film.

Yesterday, we made bookmarks for World Book Day. We will enter them into a compeitition to win prizes for ourselves and our school.

Today we looked at the whole film of ‘Paperman’ and another little film called ‘The White Dress’. There is no talking in either of the films which made it harder to figure out what the film was about. ‘Paperman’ was about two people who meet each other at a train station and fall in love. The film is about the two people trying to find each other again in the city. At the end of the film, they meet at the train station where they first met. Some people predicted this would happen but some people didn’t. The message from this film would be to never give up. If the man in the film gave up, he would never have found the girl again. ‘The White Dress’ was about a little girl who was very poor and didn’t have that much money. Her Dad was also mean to her. It was made in Dublin. Some people in the class thought the film was about something else. Some people thought it was about the girl’s communion and that she made her communion every year to get money to pay for food to eat. Some people thought it was about her Dad and that he was an alcoholic. Everybody in the class had a different story to tell from the film.

a still from the short film 'Paperman'.

a still from the short film ‘Paperman’.

A still from the short film 'The White Dress'.

A still from the short film ‘The White Dress’.